• Volumetric 3D Design
  • Calculation of strength and deformation by finite element methods
  • Thermal Calculation
  • Dynamic Calculation
  • Mastering of cleanroom, ESD and food industry design principles
Optical system 2


  • Optical path design
  • Ray plotting and export in 3D design
  • Flux calculation
  • Measurement by laser interferometry
  • Alignment and adjustment by self-collimating telescope
  • Optical calculation for visible light, infrared and ultraviolet
  • Beam deflection servo systems

Software and automation

Optics and Microsystems uses the oMachine framework, which allows state-of-the-art programming and control of complex machines:

  • PC and fieldbus-based architecture (EtherCAT, Profibus …)
  • Industrial Programming .Net C# multitasking
  • Real time Automation with Beckhoff TwinCAT3 (according to IEC 61131)
  • Machine Security Management according to ISO 13849 Category 4 PLe (Beckhoff TwinSAFE)
  • Multiple fieldbus management on the same machine
  • Integration and control of external components: thermal controllers, axis cards, robots, dosing units…
Convertisseur chromatique d'altimétrie

Industrial vision

  • Industrial vision, Cognex based
  • Automated piece control
  • Automated machine referencing
  • Dialogue between vision and the main program
  • Operator help for decision making

Assembling and tuning

  • Modules to complete machines assembling
  • Mounting of sensitive parts under laminar flow (optics)
  • Testing and validation in our workshop

Human Machine Interfaces

  • Intuitive, tactile, multilingual user interface with integrated contextual help
  • Native integration of external software components (CNC, CAM, etc.)